The "1000 Pound Gorilla" 3,000 Poker Chip Tournament Set

The 1000 Pound Gorilla Poker Chip Tournament Set
We Offer the Las Vegas High Roller Casino Chips, which are the Best Selling, Highest Quality, and Most Popular Home Poker Chips & Poker Chip Sets on the Market!
Our customers tell us over and over what a Huge Difference our high quality poker chips make in their poker games! Give your game more excitement and professionalism with a set of High Roller Poker Chips.

These chips are named after the High Rolling Gamblers that drop tons of money on the tables here in Vegas - Now you can play like a High Roller Too!
These are Gold Foil Printed on 11.5 Gram Clay Composite Poker Chips.
Treat yourself to a set of these Quality Clay Poker Chips and enjoy countless hours of fun with your friends and family!
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Item Description
Chip Price
The 1000 Pound Gorilla 3,000 Poker Chip Tournament Set
This Set Includes: 1000 $1 Chips, 750 $5 Chips, 500 $25 Chips, 250 $100 Chips, 250 $500 Chips, 250 $1,000 Chips
Includes Your Choice of  3 1000 Chip Cases or 30 Clear Chip Trays For Poker Chip Storage.
Also Includes: 3 Poker Felt Layouts, 24 Decks of High Roller Playing Cards, 3 Dealer Buttons,
3 Big Blind Buttons, & 3 Little Blind Buttons.
You May Also Mix and Match These Chips As You Like!
> Here is How To Mix & Match <

$999 Set


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